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How To Identify

A lordotic posture can be identified by an increased arch in the lower back, a small lordotic curve is normal to have. Other identifying signs include flexed hip joints and an anteriorly tilted pelvis. 

It can be  genetic or caused by excessive sitting, athletics and weight such as pregnancy. When these factors take into affect, it can pull the pelvis down and restrict movement within the lower spine. Having a more exaggerated curve can create various problems later in life if not properly treated to prevent further curving.


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Making Corrections

In a lordotic posture, the muscles that are weak and need strengthening are found mainly in the lower region of the body, between your lower spine to your knees. These include the Gluteal muscles, Abdominal muscles and muscles in the Hamstring.

Exercises that may be prescribed to strengthen these muscles can include, Supine Ab workouts, Lying Side Leg Raises, Horsekicks, Etc.                              

 When exercising with a lordotic posture, you may experience difficulty keeping your lower back flat while performing certain exercises. To prevent your back from arching, try to focus on activating your Obliques.


The muscles that are affected by this posture that are tight and need stretching include the Tensor Fascia Latae (TFL), Psoas, Hip Flexors, Lumbar Spine Erector Spinae, Quadrates Lumborum, Quadriceps and the Short Adductor.
There are specific stretches that apply to these muscles such as Hip Flexor Stretches and Roll Down Stretches to name a few.

What Else Can I Do About It?

Making an appointment with your specialists such as a Physiotherapist will show you techniques to increase movement and improve your posture.  Massage therapy can also help, in the sense that it releases the tension in muscles affected, regaining balance within the muscle groups you are strengthening

Through Massage, Exercise and Physiotherapy, you can improve your Lordosis. Our pre-paid monthly packages include 4 x 60min PT Sessions (or Pilates Sessions) and 1 x 60min massage. This is to focus on strengthening those weaker muscles and loosening the tight ones. Let us know how your posture journey goes!

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