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Why Is This Important?

In the busy lives that we live, it can be hard to make the time for relaxation. But when we do, that time is a precious commodity. So how can you benefit the most with this time, particularly when you get a massage? In this months part II blog we will go a bit more in depth about what you can do before and after your massage to get the most out of your appointment. 



Avoid caffeine, alcohol & food. Nothing is better than a good cup of coffee in the morning, but if you are planning to have a massage it’s highly suggested to avoid your caffeine ritual for the morning. Not only will it effect your brain from completely relaxing, it can also create more tension in your muscles which will make your massage uncomfortable. Similarly, having alcohol before your massage is not a good idea as it can enhance the negative effect that it has on your body. Don’t forget to plan your meal a couple hours before your appointment to not only stop those stomach grumbles, but to make your massage more comfortable.

Hydrate before & after. This is key to releasing the tension in your muscles during your massage. When the muscles release the toxins you can almost instantly feel the relief, but for your body to completely flush these toxins out, you need water! If you don’t keep hydrated your body will not only get dehydrated but it can also undo all the work done from your massage.     

 Warm up with a shower. This will help prepare your muscles before your massage, easing some of the tension. It will also assist in further relaxation, making the most out of the quiet time that you have!

Gym day? Go Before. Massage is like a workout for your muscles so hitting up the gym on the day of your appointment is not highly recommended. If you must, try doing a light workout before your appointment Instead of after. This will help keep the progress that the massage has given your muscles when releasing the tension.

Wear comfy clothes. This will make it easier for when you are preparing for your massage as well as afterwards. Try avoiding lots of buttons, zippers and clips. After your massage, you will be in ultra-comfort mode! 


Stretch. Doing some light stretches after your appointment will improve your muscle recovery and extend your range of motion. Once you do, you will start feeling refreshed and re-energised.


Hydrate (again). As highlighted earlier, keeping hydrated is important both before and after your massage. Water will flush out the toxins that causes the knots and pains in your muscles.

Eat. Feeling hungry after your massage? That’s because massage stimulates digestion, so it’s important to refuel your body (just like after a workout). Try keeping your meals light after your appointment too.

Have a rest. Extend your rest to get the most out of your relaxation time, it is recommended to even have a nap after your massage. Listen to your body, take this time to recover by doing something that makes you happy. 

Have a warm bath. Use some bath salts and epsom salts to increase circulation. Add a soothing candle and some chill music for the ultimate post-massage relaxation. This can also work if you take a warm shower, extending the time you have to recover and rest.

Welcome emotions. It is very common to feel the release of emotions after a massage, allow yourself to feel these emotions as they will also help your body recover. This is all part of your body going into deep relaxation which will help you feel refreshed afterwards.

What Next?

These are just a few things you can do before and after your massage to let your body benefit the most out of it. When you feel the difference that each of these suggestions make, you can be sure to have the best experience and ultimate relaxation. To learn more about our treatments and to book your next appointment, you can click on the buttons bellow.


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