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How To Identify

A Swayback Posture can be identified by a few key aspects. First of all there are excessive curves in the spine that looks as if a person were leaning back while standing, as seen in the picture below. In conjunction with Lumbar Lordosis (curve in the lower spine), the Thoracic (upper) Spine has an extended outwards curve that shifts the upper spine backwards, positioning it behind the line of the ankles. Hips are also tiled forward in contrast to a more neutral stance.

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This posture is generally associated with muscle tightness and weakness. If steps are not taken to improve it, then the person may run a higher risk of injury within the weaker parts of the body. In this blog you will learn the effects that a Swayback Posture can have on your muscles and how you can improve it.

Making Corrections

To correct the muscle imbalance present within this posture, we need to identify the tight and weakened muscles. Focusing on areas such as in the Glutes, Upper Back and Shoulders can help reduce tension.

A majority of the stabilising muscles such as in the Neck, Upper Shoulders and Glutes are quite weak due to the nature of this posture and need strengthening

To strengthen these muscles, you can perform some of the following exercises:

  • Sumo Squat
  • Pendulum Lunge
  • Glute Bridge
  • Plank

The Lats, Pecs and Hamstring in the body are generally tight because of the lack of strength in stabilising them. These muscles will need stretching.

You can release the tension in these areas by carrying out some of the following stretches:

  • Spinal Trunk Rotation
  • Standing Hamstring Stretch 
  • Child’s Pose
  • Bent-Arm Wall Stretch (both sides)

What Else Can I Do About It?

You can improve your Sway Back posture through regular exercise and massage. By booking in with your Personal Trainer, they will show you effective techniques to increase strength and mobility. Massage Therapy also releases the tension helping you to regain balance within the muscle groups.

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We highly recommend our prepaid monthly packages which include 4 x 60min PT Sessions (or Pilates Sessions) and 1 x 60min Massage. This is to focus on strengthening those weaker muscles and loosening the tight ones. 

Let us know how your posture journey goes!

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